Thursday, January 22, 2015


1. Take a backup of the Tally data.
                   Do a manual backup of the Company giving the error.
2. Disable auto loading of Companies
                  Set Gateway > Configure > Data Configuration > Load Companies on start-up = No
                 This can also be changed by editing the ini configuration file.

3. Open Tally in debug mode from the Command Prompt
                 Start > Run.
                 Type - Path\To\Tally\Executable Path\To\Tally\Company Error\Id\No
                 Example - (C:\Tally.ERP9\tally.exe D:\Data\10001 2517)

4. Rewrite the problematic Tally.ERP9 company
                  Rewrite by Ctrl+Alt+R from the Company Info screen and selecting the problematic Company.
                 Select “Yes” to rewrite the data.

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